Large Animals

Our large animal services in the clinic includes complete exams of cows, horses, sheep, goats, and alpacas. Routine surgeries like LDA's, cesarean sections, castrations, cancer eyes, etc., pregnancy ultrasounds, teeth floating, dysctocias (problems birthing) on all species and treatment of sick animals. We can do x-rays on limbs and lab work in-house.

On the farm, we provide herd healths for the dairy producers, pregnancy checking, semen testing, complete exams, horse castrations, lameness, teeth floating, and health export testing and papers.

Specialized Equipment

Portable digital x-ray - We can perform complete horse lameness exams with this unit.

Power float - This tool allows greater precision in our teeth floats over manual floats. We can use this in clinic or on farm.

Ultrasound - We have 2 units that are portable. We use them for pregnancy checking in dairy, beef, and equine. Beef herds can be done with an extension on the probe that allows the vet to check a row of cattle in the chute without the need to catch each animal.

Cattle Chutes - Here we perform all of our cattle procedures including surgeries like cesarean sections, LDA surgeries on dairy cows etc.

Horse Chutes - We can perform ultrasounds, do teeth floats with our power floating equipment and perform exams here. Also take radiographs with our digital x-ray.

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